My First Love

For those of you that are still trying to get to know me, a quick way to get to know my core is to learn about my first encounter with love. Love truly defines a person, your heart, soul and spirit. Don’t get me wrong; Who you love does not define you but loving in general does.

My first love came to me at such a young age, maybe even an inappropriate age. I encountered my love through confusion, pain , worry and sometimes even happiness but mostly not.

It also came to me so naturally , as if it was meant to be , as if it was always there just waiting for me to discover it. Okay okay I won’t keep you guessing longer. My first love was none other than poetry. It didn’t start that way though. I am someone who has always been obsessed with how music makes me feel. I can’t even explain but when I am at my darkest, I feel that only music can understand and soothe me. And when I am at my happiest, I feel that only music can celebrate and match my excitement like no other being on Earth. And due to that, I found myself at a young age craving that skill to be able to make people feel how I felt with words.

I began journaling at a young age and found myself creating poetry or what I liked to call it back then “lyrics”.

Throughout the years , I found myself collecting tons of journals so I can fill them with thoughts, rhymes and prayers. I like to perform them once in a while but my true love lies in the moments where I am alone with my pen in hand and journal by my side and not another soul in sight. If I ever leave nothing behind in this world, at least my words stay forever .


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