Okay so for anyone with a simple set of skills , you may see this and say WHAT ? Her first time braiding ? Crazy ! But yes . I have an older sister so let’s just say I’ve had a permanent hair stylist for most of my life coexisting in the same room so I never really had to lift a finger to get a cute style. Fast forward to now where I went natural , I find myself struggling to accomplish cute and easy protective styles when I want to get out of the norm “fro or puff”. So for this consistent rainy week I figured no better time than now to try a style that I can use on me and my mini lady once I master it ! I have never braided like this because it’s scary and tiring on the arms ! But I tried it this way . I call it the beginner version ! I used Curls Blueberry Bliss Twist n Shout Cream , some water , comb , brush and a prayer 😉

I parted my hair down the middle first and then in 3 sections per side . I tied each section and braided individually while connecting then as I went along!

This shall get me through this gloomy week and protect my hair and best of all practice makes perfect so stay tuned.


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