Mental Health Awareness Month

Hey all , in the spirit of Mental Health Awareness Month I wanted to share a little more about myself and be very transparent about this because nothing in life that you do or feel makes you the only one. You are never the only one in anything or the first to go through something and that is a vital part of not feeling alone. First I will start off with the biggest situation in my life that caused some struggles with my sanity and soul. At a young age I was involved in an abusive relationship. It was physically , mentally and emotionally abusive and caused me to go through a very dark phase in my youth. Now youth alone is difficult and confusing . It is a time where you are trying to figure things out and get to know yourself while changing and growing by the day. But to go through these times and add this kind of relationship to it made life somewhat unbearable. I couldn’t even bring myself to really focus on bettering myself at the time because I was too focused on simply surviving. Fast forward to a couple of years later when I was able to escape that toxic and dangerous environment, I knew it was time to focus on my sanity and mental health. Through trial and error I was able to really get to know myself and what works for me to keep my mind at peace and ease. So I wanted to share some things that may help you or someone you know.

1. Write it down ! I’ve always been a big journal lover . I love a good pen and paper situation. I was always a fan of writing/reading poetry and I felt that at my most desperate moments , writing down letters to myself , to God, and just seeing it on paper helped relieve the weight off of me even if just for that moment.

2. Once you are ready , seek help. Therapy is honestly one of the most fulfilling things you can do for yourself. It takes courage to understand that therapy is not for “crazy people” or people that are going through something traumatic in that moment. It is more than okay to do therapy for your day to day life to prevent* stress from taking over your mind!

3. Pray/Meditate. Find a quiet spot , a single moment to yourself and your thoughts. Prayer has become so huge for me and for those who do not pray , meditate in a quiet spot where you can focus on your thoughts and bring yourself pleasing thoughts and positive energy. For me, prayer is being able to take the weight off of my shoulders and leave my journey in the hands of God. My worries become his concern and my fear turns into faith due to his Glory.

4. Lastly, plan and organize! The healthiness of the mind comes from being able to have things in its right place according to what you need and how you need things handled . I personally love writing my week by week goals , tasks and accomplishments down in a planner and keep myself organized so I don’t feel overwhelmed at any moment.

I hope sharing a little more about me, helps you understand a little more about you. Stay Strong ladies and gents , Love is Love is Love is Love so love yourself and be unapologetic about it .

P.S – for extra credit : affirmations are your new best friend. Tell yourself in the mirror how beautiful you are. Write in your journal how proud you are of yourself . Take yourself on a date . And never stop showing yourself you care !

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