What more can I give?


Hey all! For those of you tuning in, thank you for your continued support. I have not been up-keeping this new blog of mine as much as I should and want to. I have not been able to provide it the TLC it deserves. The only explanation for that is that I am unmotivated. I am human! You see? I have had a vision for a blog and a platform for years! It’s still something I struggle with being I cannot seem to find the push and motivation I need in order to see it through to the success I know it can be one day.

Backstory: Ever since I was younger, I felt like I have always had something to say. I’ve always had an opinion and a need to share it. I also felt that because I have been through so many hardships as a young adult, I had a right and a duty to create a platform and let my voice be heard! I always fought with myself back and forth on how to get that done. Ive had dreams of writing books, performing more poetry, creating blogs and all that good stuff. Now that I am a bit older , I find myself going through moments of feeling unfulfilled and wondering why I have not done what I promised the younger me I was going to be accomplishing at this age.

When I created this blog, which is not my first by the way, I felt as if I was forcing myself to have a clean slate and start over and finally stick to it. I still have the passion to do so but I find myself struggling every day to come on here and just DO! The main reason I feel is because most days I sit and wonder , well what do I have to offer? What words and actions and inspiration do I have to offer that are any different from all of the other bloggers and influencers out there. It is something I deal with everyday with the little voice inside of me.

One thing that I am learning , through prayer and meditation, is that I may not feel as though I am good enough to be someone who has any sort of platform but what GOD has given me is mine and mine alone. He’s given me my experiences, my lessons, my hardships and struggles, my accomplishments (big or small) and my dreams. I need to use my voice even if my public happens to be a “party of one.”

I get overwhelmed at times when I start thinking of what I want to be doing at this point in time. My personality includes characteristics such as impulsive and anxious behaviors. Whenever I am in the mood to start planning what I want to do , I get in the bad habit of putting all my potential projects on the same plate at the same time. Instead of planning accordingly to what I can accomplish now, later and in the far future. All that does is kill all of my dreams all at once because I realize that I can’t do any of it at the same time and I am stuck back at square one.

My promise here today is to myself, and if anyone feels anything like this than I want you to promise this to yourself:

You are the best you can be at this moment in time. You will be better with the help and guidance of God. Do not allow pressure from anyone including yourself to limit you to anything less than what you dream for yourself. Love where you are so you can appreciate where you will be.

Thank you

xoxo, LifeCroesOn

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