My TOP 10 fave apps

In an era of true technological commitment, time consuming finger scrolls, endless emoji’s and favorable filters, it is no surprise that everyone has a handful or two of their favorite apps that they can’t seem to delete in order to make space for more selfies with your #mcm from that brunch with that #ootd and all your #foodporn flicks.

Am I right or am I right?

Well here I am to share with you my top 10 fave apps that I cannot seem to let go of no matter how many endless software updates or forgotten passwords get in my way!

1. Holy Bible:

This is seriously my number one. I have always tried to maintain a connection with God and to be honest, it doesn’t always come easy. I am still on a long journey but one thing I have learned is to surround yourself with consistency and opportunity. I found that as much as I wanted to read the word, meditate and simply communicate with God, I let my day constantly get in the way. When I downloaded the app it became easier because I now had the opportunity to carry the word with me everyday. I set reminders for myself every morning to read the word before I start my day, I subscribe to daily/monthly reading plans and I take notes while being able to track my development. It’s truly a resource for my soul and I love having it as my number one app!

2. Ebates:

If you don’t learn anything from me ever, just know that my name is actually Frugal Franny! If I can find a coupon for it, or make money out of it then I am most likely buying it! I have always been somewhat of a couponer ( if that’s a word). I love to find deals, bargains and everything in between. Signing up for ebates is honestly the best thing for people like me to love to shop but ( wait for it… ) ALSO hates to shop! I love buying things, especially when it’s a great deal but hate actually shopping in stores. Fitting rooms, long lines and rude service really get under my skin so online shopping is my go-to. So why not combine that with my favorite two words ever.. CASH BACK! Ebates lets me shop online, earn cash back and use coupons. Honestly, what better way of shopping is there?

3. Retailmenot

As mentioned above, saving some coins really puts a pep in my step. Which is why I will not step into a store until I have a folder full of screenshots from Retailmenot with potential coupons because what is life without BOGO’s or 40% off?

4. Google Photos

”NOT ENOUGH STORAGE” – is a message that has haunted all of us at some point in time. Especially us IPHONE addicts who were cursed with the inability of not having an external SD card slot. Pay more for iCloud storage? Sure because me paying what my rent costs and more was not enough for this device alone now I have to pay monthly so all my unnecessary selfies and pictures of my babies sleeping, eating and playing can be stored. SIKE! Google photos to the rescue. This trusted app has UNLIMITED STORAGE , face detection, animation capabilities and best of all its FREE! It can easily transfer from phone to phone so forget the hassle of iCloud backups or machine transfers!

5. Instagram:

Well what young adult in my prime can lie and say that Instagram is not a staple in their phone. Full of foolish memes, stylish sets, yummy food pics and filters for days it simply has become a way to communicate with everyone from family, to neighbors, celebrities and humans all around the world. #HASHTAGSARELIFE #PLEASEDONTPOST1000000STORIESADAY #ILLPROBABLYSKIPTHEM

6. Prism:

This is a newcomer to my apps family but a loved one nonetheless. I am big on money management and deadlines. When it comes to keeping track of all the bacon I bring to the table , best believe I had 1935678 notes and charts written in my phone somewhere. Until a good friend introduced me to Prism. Prism lets you sign into all of your accounts and keeps track of deadlines, payments and debts all in a one stop shop. It even lets you set up payments so you don’t have to !

7. Yelp:

Who just goes to a new restaurant or nail salon now a days without wondering what it’s going to be like before you try it? Reviews are literally the gateway to word of mouth recommendations, bad service warnings, tips and tricks and everything in between. Instead of searching for the menu online before you dine, why not take a glimpse of all the yummy items on that menu that will have you drooling on your way there. & to be honest, yelp is way cooler than what people realize. Not only do they have yelp cash back with tons of participating locations, but the more you review the more you get recognized in the yelp community and you get chances to become YELP ELITE, which means special invitations to new spots, different rewards and more!

8. Apple Music:

This one is pretty self explanatory because what is life in NYC without a good playlist for your dreadful MTA daily commute. This can be your Spotify account, Pandora Playlist, SoundCloud faves , etc but my fave is APPLE MUSIC. Not only do they have cool new weekly playlists, you can also follow your friends and see what they’re listening to and one of my faves is being able to sing along (off key) with the added lyrics to each song. And bonus tip: if you are a student or have access to a previous student email you can get it for 50% off your monthly subscription. Win Win? I think so!

9. Wood Puzzle:

Now this one may be different for everyone but I believe you need one good game on your phone to get you through dull moments, crowded trains and long meetings. Mine is Wood Puzzle . It’s a block puzzle game that will keep you on your toes while relaxed all at the same time!

10. Pinterest:

Pinterest is my go-to for all things inspiration! Need an outfit idea? Go to Pinterest! Need a recipe? Go to Pinterest! Need an exercise routine? Go to Pinterest? Arts and crafts? Photo shoot/make-up inspo? Party themes? PINTEREST, PINTEREST, PINTEREST! It truly is a must have for all things life! From life hacks to Halloween costume ideas, Pinterest is the GOAT!

I would love to hear what are some of your favorite apps that you can’t live without! Be sure to comment and let me know! I still have some storage left , give me something to download! Xoxo

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