Family Outings

Family Fun Days can be anything but fun without the proper planning and preparation. Especially for mothers of toddlers. It can turn chaotic, real quick. That is why when I want to make a day with the kids , I make sure I do my research and do the Triple P. Plan, Prep, and Party!

A couple of weeks ago, we decided to take our mini’s to a fun day out. We did two major excursions in one day, which was great with a hint of overwhelming. We took them to see Trolls the Experience and the infamous Candytopia!
We looked up tickets (which weren’t cheap at all), purchased and planned for one in the morning and one in the afternoon after some lunch.

Once the day arrived, there was no turning back. We packed some of their favorite snacks in a backpack, a change of clothes, comfy shoes and we were off. We started the day at Candytopia. It was suprisingly organized, fun and super interactive. Us parents had a blast ourselves , aside from watching the kids go bonkers. At first , it starts off with a mini tour and an interactive skit. Need I mention that EVERYTHING is made out of candy? After, you are suggested to follow the path towards every room which has free candy, cool photo ops and fun decor. Overall it was a great time. The staff was awesome, the place was clean and the experience was amazing.

Next up: Trolls!
I knew my kids would go crazy here cause who doesn’t love Trolls?! Upon entering though we immediately felt the chaotic atmosphere. There was about 5 different birthday parties going on so it was definitely crazy in there. Their coat check was out of control and there was not too much control of their lines and such. Nonetheless, my kids did enjoy seeing all the Trolls characters, getting their stick on Trolls tattoos and dancing to all the jams. They even got to meet POPPY! That was fun. My suggestion is to pay for the general admission ticket though. It gives you all the fun that the VIP ticket does except for the makeup and Trolls glam. I was tempted to buy the VIP experience for my little ones but it was an EXTRA $40 just for a tiny bit of play makeup and hair. It’s definitely unreasonable. The general admission ticket was perfectly fine with its photo booth experience, Trolls head wear and family scrapbook experience.

Overall, it was a great time and my family will have those memories forever.
Comment if you have visited these places or what your suggestions are for a fun day out with the kids. Thanks!


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