Dating Tips

How many of us out there feel stuck in a rut sometimes when it comes to our social lives? Well imagine adding a whole other human being to the mix. Being in a relationship is indescribable when it’s the right person. When it’s new, its exciting, fun, spontaneous and passionate. Now , when the relationship has you in for a couple of years, things start slowing down. (Especially after marriage and kids.) I have 2 kids and have been married for 3 years. Things are amazing on a different level but if you’re not careful, you can start to lose that spark. Here are some tips I have found that work for me and my spouse to keep our love life active.

1. Date Nights are a MUST! They don’t always have to be scheduled. If you have kids, call the babysitter up (or family member) and ask them to watch the kids for a couple of hours. Call your spouse up and tell them to meet you for dinner. Everything will be taken care of so all they have to do is show up. If you get there before them, order their favorite drink and text them something cute to look forward to before they arrive. It will be appreciated. Enjoy some quality time and de-stress while catching up on topics other than kids and groceries. Don’t be afraid to show some PDA and end the night feeling closer for sure.

2. Netflix & Chill is not just a trend. It’s a way of life. Grab a bottle of wine on your way home for a cozy night in. Work together to put your kids to bed early and pick a movie from the comfort of your own bed. Call in some takeout and snuggle up. Sometimes just having the company of your loved one means more than spending a whole day texting. You will definitely feel good after a relaxing night in while just being in the presence of the one you love.

3. Communication throughout the day! A lot of us spend our day with our faces buried in our phones. However, we end up doing everything BUT texting our loved ones to see how they are! I know especially for those of us that work in retail, hours can go by before you get a chance to text your bae. One thing I found to be true is , the more I communicate throughout the day, the more excited I am to continue our interaction in person. Don’t forget to check in every couple of hours. See how they’re doing, let them vent, send some cute emojis, some selfies wouldn’t hurt either. Voice notes are my fave because I get to hear his voice for a quick second throughout the day. It allows both parties to avoid the build up of their work day to affect their mood when they get home. It’s truly a game changer.

Every couple is different and has different needs. This is only a sprinkle of what works for us but please share what works for you. If you try any of these, let me know what worked ! I’d love to hear it

Xx, LifeCroesOn8F460E64-ED43-4026-8873-5514D474B81D

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