Canada, Oh Canada

Hey ya’ll , I have been taking a little break from my blog (almost 2 months since my last post) but I still want to thank those who continue to support and show love for LifeCroesON.

I thought a good way to make my mini comeback was with a trip recap since it is trip season, if that is even a real thing.

Recently, I rounded up the squad and took a road trip to Canada. It was everyones first time and we all wanted a temporary change of scenery. First let me start off by saying, a 7 hour car ride with toddlers is brutal so kudos to myself, my husband and my mom and grandma for surviving that. We drove up with a simple plan in mind, to see Niagara Falls and wing everything else! Ha.

We stayed in an Airbnb and it was the cutest little house with 2 bedrooms and a backyard. The host was so generous and kind and detail oriented, she even left little gifts for the kids and a welcoming message for us along with some goodies in the kitchen. We then decided to make a loose itinerary to make sure we hit at least one big attraction per day. So here are my highlights:

Niagara Falls, duh !

  • Honestly seeing it right from the public area is sufficient and equally as breathtaking, not to mention FREE! But the tourist ‘tude in us just needed to try out the PAID attractions to see even more. Let me just tell you, from our experience, NOT WORTH IT. We did the Journey Behind the Falls and the lines were so long, it was freezing and wet while we stood in dark tunnels just to see a tiny opening blocked by a small gate where water was coming down so hard that it had the same view as a rainy windshield without wipers. We had way better pictures just from standing outside and watching the falls. If you visit, make sure to wear comfortable clothes, walking shoes and a portable charger. Also, souvenirs are really expensive in the gift shop so don’t bother. There are less expensive shops to purchase souvenirs from.

Niagara Skywheel

  • This was such a beautiful attraction. We rode this ferris wheel right around sunset and it was such a nice experience. It actually lasted for a good chunk of time, about 10 minutes which is most than other attractions so we were able to take tons of pictures and really enjoy the moment. It was not too pricey either and if you grab a coupon book from the Niagara Falls gift shop (for free) then you can save some extra coins on admission tickets for different attractions such as the sky wheel. Kids are allowed and it is safe because each cart is enclosed not open like other ferris wheels.
  • The area surrounding the sky wheel was also so much fun. It is a tourist area filled with rides, museums and attractions but so fun! My favorite was the bumper cars! They also have great shops around to buy souvenirs! Parking is a bit difficult especially since we were unfamiliar with how street parking works there so be prepared to pay for multiple parking lots throughout your trip.

Butterfly Conservatory

  • The Butterfly Conservatory was so so so much fun. It was great for adults and children. Most of these attractions in Niagara can be bought in a bundle admission price with the included transportation from each area and back to your car so that is a bonus. In the butterfly conservatory , you watch a short film about butterflies and then you walk outside into a large area that is their home. It is like a mini butterfly forest with the butterflies flying freely all around and even on you. It was so beautiful and freeing. We were able to really interact with them and the experience was unbelievable. Also great for pictures!

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

  • This was by far one of my favorite spots in Canada. The aquarium is so huge, very interactive and just plain COOL! Great for your child, or the child within you. Such amazing aquatic life and layout is pretty awesome too. It can get a little crowded so try to avoid weekends. It is right next to the infamous CN Tower which unfortunately we did not get to experience due to excessive fog and rain but I did not let that rain on my parade, HA!

Now for some food!

  • One of my fave places we ate at was this chic, elegant and classy spot called LakeHouse Restaurant. They have the best view of the lake, outdoor and indoor seating and a bomb menu. Very clean, cute and best of all delicious. Our favorite dishes were the Pecan Crusted Salmon and the Beef Short Rib.
  • Another great lunch spot was the Whirlpool Golf Course Restaurant that literally sits on a golf course, cool right? Very simple with great service. Our favorites on the menu were the Canadian “150” Burger and the complimentary postcards which I thought was the cutest little touch.

All in all, there are so many things to do and places to go when you visit Canada. It is huge so pace yourself. Heads up, TOYSRUS is still in business in Canada, so you can stack up for your little ones. Hope this helps make your future trip a lot more fun and easy. Check out my IG story highlights (Travel Tuesdays) for pics of our trip. IG: @lifecroeson


xoxo, LifeCroesON



2 thoughts on “Canada, Oh Canada

  1. V says:

    I was recently at Niagara fake myself and honestly didn’t find out about the butterfly conservatory until after I left. I’m sad I missed it.


    • lifecroeson says:

      Wow ! Hopefully you get to experience it at some point because it was amazing ! I only knew if it because I saw the bundle offer they had while I was visiting the falls excursion.


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